Generation EXE

Sweet Honi
Formed in September 2018, this ALL FEMALE choir meets in St Thomas, Exeter on Wednesday afternoons. We sing a mixture of styles, ensuring that everyone can enjoy 90 minutes of singing even when they are new to the group and we also gradually learn more complex arrangements, so there is challenge, but always lots of humour and fun. 

Women of all ages are welcome to join us and we have various options from pay as you go through to termly membership. There are no auditions and no requirement to read music or have any previous experience. 

If you are curious then the best thing to do is come along for a free taster session.  You can check our term dates here. We have a discussion group on facebook where you can find further information and get involved in this exciting new group! Looking forward to seeing you there....
GEMS in rehearsal - Nov 2019

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