Winter Song, Safe Singing Sessions and Singing Masks - Dawlish Rocks, Generation EXE, Sweet Honi

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Posted By: Kathy Rufolo
Status: Current
Date Posted: Sat, 14 Nov 2020
Hello everyone,

What a difficult (and very quiet) year it has been for so many people. I thought it would be wonderful to end it with a little flicker of hope and check that I still know how to lead a group, so I am planning, guidelines permitting, three weeks of singing sessions, IN PERSON, during December. These will be on Wednesdays at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. to suit your schedule. 

You can book in via Eventbrite or for early bird discounts, please send payment directly here

Whilst these sessions won't be the same as the choirs we remember and love, those that feel able to will be able to enjoy the voices joining together in harmony after so many months of singing at your screens, your pets or your plants. 

I've sent out an email to those that have joined the mailing list for more info. What mailing list?!... Click Here To Join.

I have sourced some UK makers of singing masks and can provide them to you at £14 each. These are a handcrafted item and a labour of love as £10 from every mask goes to support a hospice. They have already raised over £5000!

If you would like to order one of these masks, please click here to email me by Monday 10 p.m. with your colour preference and contactless pick up will be at the first session you attend.

If you are not attending an Exeter singing session this year, I can arrange alternative pick up or postage with you directly. They're not just for singing, but also very good for speech and any prolonged mask wearing situations, such as workplace or public transport. Now we have got over what we look like, comfort is definitely key! 

Looking forward to singing with you,