The three choirs meet! - Dawlish Rocks, Generation EXE, Sweet Honi

Type of post: Choir news item
Status: Current
Date Posted: Fri, 21 Dec 2018
Generation Exe at Christmas MarketAll three choirs sang together at Exeter Christmas Market on the 8th December. It was a windy and wet evening, but everyone sang together with great Christmas spirit. Well done to everyone that was able to make it and stick out the challenging conditions 

First up, Generation Exe sang a couple of songs on their own, as they have a different repertoire. 

We then added a few more female singers to great effect with a fun rendition of "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now" - a very appropriate title!

Finally, we got everyone on the stage for White Winter Hymnal and then Sweet Honi and Dawlish Rocks continued with their rock and pop repertoire.

 Here we have Emma singing the solo in "Like A Prayer" and there were a good number of people watching us, too. Shortly after this the weather turned to quite heavy rain and we took the decision to cut a couple of numbers from our set and short cut towards our finale, a mash-up of "Poison" and "You Give Love a Bad Name"! Many of the crowd stayed out in the pouring rain to enjoy the singing and support the choir. Fantastic!

Finally a quick pack up was enabled by our wonderful roadies and then the hard-core choir members moved into the tavern to enjoy some mulled beverages. A great end to our term and a lot of fun all round. 

We're now looking forward to getting back to rehearsals from 14th January. Check under our events section for all the details.