UK Choir Festival - Exmouth 2018 - Dawlish Rocks, Sweet Honi

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Date Posted: Sat, 6 Oct 2018
On Saturday 29th September the UK Choir Festival came to the South West for the first time. Just down the road in Exmouth, twenty of us booked tickets and went along for a day of vocal workshops. We had not originally intended to perform as we didn't think we would have the balance of voice parts or songs ready to go so early in the term. However, the festival were keen to encourage more groups to get up and have a go and our singers were really keen to do just that. Here they are on stage and preparing to sing in front of the vocal coaches and hundreds of singers from other local choirs. We sang White Winter Hymnal and received a fantastic response from all of the coaches and attendees. Here's what they said:

Russell Scott: 
Loved the rhythmic start. Nice build of voices. Lovely blend of sound. Engaging and nice ooooohs. Good men, too! 
Once started keep claps to a minimum or more together. Try opening vowels more to help with colour. Perform more to the audience. 

Ula Weber:
Confident start with body percussion. A lovely, unforced sound and a good balance between voices. A simple song, done well. I'm about to start this piece with my choir. I now can't wait!

David Lowe:
Good rhythm from the choir. Group breathe together, therefore the words were very together. Lovely part singing.

Bazil Meade:
Beautiful group sound. The group relaxed as the performance continued, showing more enjoyment. 

What a great day and topped off with a successful performance! We'll let you all know straight away when we have the date for next year! Kathy

UK Choir Festival Performance