Carry On Choir - Online event via ZOOM - Dawlish Rocks, Generation EXE, Sweet Honi

8:00pm, Wed, 2 Dec 2020

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  • Type of event: event
    Duration: 1 hour
    Venue: ONLINE via ZOOM.
    Ticket pricing/options: FREE to access - donations welcome
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    Description: Are you:
    stressed out by lockdown lifestyle?
    Bored with a lack of social life?
    Missing singing along with your choir, a live band or karaoke night?

    Do you need:
    A drink or a good laugh?
    To sing your favourite anthems like nobody's listening?

    Kathy and Dale bring you an hour of feel good singing along to your favourite songs. Laughing throughout at their ongoing banter with live vocals, instruments and animals... what could possibly go wrong?

    What to expect:
    You'll  see lots of friendly faces on screen - you can turn your camera off if you're shy though!
    You'll be able to chat with them before the start and after the session
    You can sing as if nobody is listening (because you'll be muted)
    You'll hear Kathy and Dale singing, playing and using pre-recorded demos so you have plenty to sing with
    Familiar songs that everyone loves to sing along with
    Access to view/download/print lyrics in advance
    An hour of having a really good sing and a laugh with familiar faces and others you'll get to know
    A rush of feel good brain chemicals released by singing and dancing about
    Imagine choir meets karaoke night - teaching some harmony options, but feel free to pick your own notes!
    Bring your own beer or beverage of choice
    As we do more weeks, we'll end up singing more songs in a session, but each session can be enjoyed with no prior experience required.