Choir - it's one of those things where you have to be there to know what it's like. Please email or call/text us using the details below to arrange your free taster session

Once you have come along for a free taster session then you can join the choir, either with immediate effect or at the start of the following term (this will depend on where we are with learning and performances and how confident you are to catch up if required). As community choirs we generally have no restrictions on membership and as long as your are age 18+ you will be made very welcome. Our groups are friendly and fun. You'll soon be feeling at home. 

Subs are payable termly and we have three terms of 11 sessions per year, roughly in line with local school terms. The current rate is £60 per term (11 sessions) at the start of term (installments can be arranged if required) 

We have at least one public performance or choir party per term depending on the season.

Any questions or to book your taster please email or call  Kathy on 07957 908015
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