We're currently taking a break!...

During the last few months we've had plenty of time to review our personal goals and plans. The world of group teaching, gigging and dancing together is currently on pause and the majority of our choir members have understandably zoomed out, so here we are in February 2021 and it is nearly eleven months since the choirs have been together. 

At home in Exeter, our nest is soon to be empty, with the youngest heading to university this September.  With choirs mothballed and no hint of a band gig in sight, we're feeling now is the right time to prepare for a move to pastures new, a bit sooner than we had previously planned. We'll be selling our house and downsizing on the North Devon coast, close to nature and also nearby to Dale's parents.  A little further down the line we plan to buy a holiday home in sunnier climes (if you've been to North Devon in the Winter, you'll understand why!) 

What will happen to Sweet Honi, Dawlish Rocks and Generation Exe? They will inevitably change. Choirs are a mirror of their leaders and the vibe attracts the tribe. No doubt there will be capable directors willing to take on the groups. There is a reasonable amount of time for all groups to scope out leaders while the lockdown continues and perhaps after Easter, restrictions will lift to allow some trial sessions and workshops with a view to having new leaders and regular choir resuming in September? For now please make sure you are subscribed to this mailing list, so that we have central communication until there is a hand over and let us know if you would like to help ensure the future of your choir and we'll set up some working groups. 

We'll always be musicians and the live music scene will be back. We're not planning on starting any regular choirs in North Devon, but Kathy will be running one off singing workshops in various locations across Devon and beyond (Do you fancy a sunny singing holiday?!), so hopefully we'll see you in person before too long. After all the restrictions, people be keen to get together to do something fun and uplifting. Participation will be greater than ever in community music and plenty of suitable leaders will be available to make it happen. Meanwhile, Kathy will be publishing some of her arrangements for other groups to enjoy and writing new ones ready for workshops as soon as local restrictions allow.  

We would like to say a massive thank you to every one of you. You have thrown yourselves into the spirit of the choirs, giving each group its own distinct personality. You have all supported and encouraged throughout our choir times together and apart. It will be sad to say goodbye and we truly hope that we can do that in person with a lot of singing! We'll miss our friends and family in South and East Devon, but we are looking forward to a different lifestyle on the North Devon coast. By the way, we haven't gone anywhere yet... (In fact we haven't gone anywhere for ages!....)

Sending our best wishes, 

Kathy & Dale 

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