Musical Directors

Kathy & Dale

In May 2017 we welcomed our new leadership team, husband and wife, Kathy and Dale.

Kathy Rufolo is our new musical director, bringing many years of choral directing and arranging experience. Founding and directingthe award winning St Thomas Gospel Choir in Exeter for eleven years, Kathy has gone on to accompany, record, advise and direct many other vocal ensembles around Devon. 

She has developed the ability to produce an energetic and engaging sound from a diverse group of people, ensuring that they all work as a team and each perform to the best of their ever growing ability.

Kathy believes that learning and laughter go hand in hand, so be ready for an entertaining and educational rehearsal with Sweet Honi!

Dale James is a professional musician and sound engineer, spening many years on the road in touring bands and engineering hundreds of shows.

His knowledge of music production and technical abilities enable him to not only create fantastic learning resources for the singers, but also develop the performance aspects of Sweet Honi shows.

He is the bass player in popular sixties covers band, Carnaby Street, so you can expect to see him dressed to impress at a pub or party around the South West
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